#S4CP | "Damian"

Smokingsforcoolpeople | "Damian"

An ingenious tribute to time

Smokingsforcoolpeople's "Damian" is a meeting point of the old and the new, a subtle reminder that the 'old' does not belong in the past and that the present rests on the foundations of the old. 

Like every art form, music seeks to retain originality and aspires to take on new shapes. Artists on their part stretch their skills one notch higher at a time in celebration of ingenuity. On "Damian" this is evidenced by the choice selection and arrangements of sounds and rhythm presented to the listener with every musical offering. It goes to say that every track is an informed mix of assortments, of sounds drawn from analog and digital sources to suit desired ends. 

It is quite interesting to note that in seeking sources of sounds for instrumental accompaniment to music, we reach out into ‘the past’ - as we may refer to it for convenience - hence cycling back the paths we have come in the course of our artistic evolution. This is the case with the album "Damian".

The twelve-track RnB album gives off the vibes of the 80s and 90s in all of its uniqueness, and the listener feels the sounds of a moment in time through which music has traveled. Lyrically, the album tracks are suitable to the mood, painting on the canvas of the mind a picture of colors and emotions conveyed in words and accompanied by music. 

"Damian" features several contributing artists including Sol Morgan, Zara Sykes, Xtof, and Nigel Hinds. It is an album highly recommended for its ingenious tribute to time. We dig "Damian"!

It leaves us with one remaining question: Why 'mixtape'? Is it another tribute to the era when we would put together C-90 cassette tapes with the latest music, to share with our friends? Or is it something else?

Zara Sykes and XTOF

Zara Sykes and XTOF

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