A review of Warren Gallimore's 'I Just Wanna Tell You' feat. Austin Leeds and E Marie.

Phenomenal music is one that leaves the listener feeling like they have stumbled upon something rare, like Fumani's 'Tell Me'. We highly recommend you listen and decide for yourself.  

A review of Strong ARM's Hip-Hop mixes of 'Slow Down Strong' and 'That's Gangsta'.

"Strongulation" strangles the listener into listening to a collection of themes and moods that come straight from the dragon’s mouth, hot and heavy.

Fuse ODG features Damian Marley in the Afrocentric song, 'Bra Fie' (Come Home). This is a review of the music video in an attempt to bring to light the symbolic elements with which it is laden.  

A review of Timaya's 'Happy' featuring Machel Montano.