T-Spoon | 'I Want To Be Your Man'

UbuntuFM Hip-Hop | T-Spoon ft. EyeKonik & Roger  | 'I Want To Be Your Man'

A tribute to Roger

The original version of 'I Want to Be Your Man' was released by American funk legend Roger Troutman (1951-1999), from his third studio album Unlimited!. The track was released in 1987 on 7" and 12" vinyl (who remembers those?) and topped the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart while peaking at nr. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

For those of you who don't know Roger: 

Roger Troutman was the founder of funk legends Zapp who helped spearhead the funk movement and heavily influenced West Coast Hip-Hop. Next to James Brown and George Clinton, Zapp & Roger are one of the heaviest sampled artists to date.

Troutman is still well known for his use of the talkbox, a device that is connected to a keyboard, to create different vocal effects as you will hear in this track.

Back in the 90's Tspoon Nederland founder Remy de Groot visited his long-time friend, producer, and Grammy award winner Rene van Verseveld in Hollywood. Together they came up with the idea to record some songs with the late Roger Troutman.

They gave Roger a phone call while he was in Las Vegas. The next day the legend himself was recording some 'bouncing shizzles' with them in the Future Sound Studios, Los Angeles.

T-Spoon re-released 'I Want To Be Your Man' in 1999 in their own Euro House style AND as a Reggae Mix.

Fast-forwarding to the present, T-Spoon joined forces with Eyekonik and released the 3rd generation of 'I Want To Be Your Man' earlier this year in a #HipHop version AND a #Reggaeton dance track.

UbuntuFM is probably on the backburner of the promotional efforts regarding this track. Nevertheless, we are now taking the time to properly introduce this wonderful track to you.

T-Spoon's 'I Want To Be Your Man' captures all the elements Roger was known for in a very respectful manner. Worthy to be called a 'tribute'.

For the younger generations, the track offers contemporary Hip-Hop and Dance with a rich blend of sounds, masterfully varied to keep the instrumental accompaniment engaging. The song boasts a solid beat and an impressive flow of meaningful rap lyrics, a memorable chorus, and rich vocal qualities. In other words: a masterful recipe for a remarkable listening and dance experience.

Get your feet on the dancefloor! This track is itchin' for your twitchin', worth every bounce to the ounce! It doesn't really matter whether you are old or young. Blow that thing and enjoy!

'I Want To Be Your Man' is featured on most UbuntuFM radio channels. The best chance to come across this brand new player however is on UbuntuFM Hip-Hop Radio!

T-Spoon ft. Eyekonik & Roger has been mastered by the king of mastering himself, Grammy award-winning Brian “Big Bass” Gardner.

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