Jonezen | 'Feels So Good'


This short track strikes like a lightning bolt

The guitar riff and horns section in the back strike a fine balance with the vocals. A firm grasp of rap skill, lyrically meaningful, smooth and easy-flowing. To top it all is a chorus that's easy to call to memory. This short track - only 2:27 - strikes like a lightning bolt making you want to hit that replay button again and again.

We were pulled in by the female vocal - Michele Wylen - with the peculiar melodious ring. Rich beat with a solid rhythm. A fine rendering of Hip-Hop treated to a generous touch of Funk and Soul.

Jonezen Music has garnered some impressive accolades, which include press in The Source Magazine, Hip Hop Since 1987, VladTV, the Hype Magazine and who asked, “Is he the next Eminem?” He has toured with Bone Thugs N Harmony, Swollen Members, Mad Child, recorded with Gucci Mane, appeared on the cover of OvaGround Mogul magazine, and was featured in Hip Hop Weekly in their Indie Grind Spotlight section.

Is Jonezen the next Eminem? Well, that depends... Let's wait for Eminem's next album. Maybe we'll have to rephrase the question: "Is Eminem the next Jonezen?"

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