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They gave us history, but what about the true story?

Hiding our heritage, to keep us into bondage.

They stole our culture, to say we got no future,
Destroyed our tradition, to keep us into subjection.

They took the natural living and turned it into artificial living.
They took the social living and turned it into socialism
They took the communal living and turned it into communism.
They took the capital living and turned it into capitalism.

Our ancestors were kings of old, half of their stories have never been told.
We are mighty men and women, our children will be alike.
We are the seed of Abraham, descendants of Adam,
We are the true-born Israelites, the true born Ishmaelites.

We don't want their hizzm and schism, they're just for the system
We don't want their fe-lucifer, they call it their philosophy
We don't want their lies buried, they call it their library
We want the true story! 

Who are they?
Who are we?
Go figure..

Annotated lyrics from Jimmy Cliff: Samba Reggae/Breakout: True Story (1992)

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