Rootwords | Warning Signs

Rootwords | Warning Signs

Ring the alarm!

This new album is a concentration of energy and sincerity, a beacon to the illusions and lies perpetrated by man, and it is on the stage that ROOTWORDS intends to proclaim his vision of the world, by spontaneous communication that is alive and rich in vibrations. 

After The Rush, his first album released in March 2014, and numerous concerts in the four corners of the world (Peru, Swaziland, South Africa, Zambia, China, Switzerland, France, etc.), ROOTWORDS, with pure sincerity, veered to express his sentiments of the world. His travel experiences has permitted him to take the back seat in relation to certain re-accruing subjects in hip-hop, keeping his ego at bay, while focusing on more real and profound reflections. 

The instrumentals in Warning Signs are intricately fabricated, rich in sound, profound and intense, in the image of what the artist himself has become. He adapts his rhymes and flows doing justice to the unconstrained beats, composed by the Block Notes, with the occasional help of Swiss producer Yvan Peacemaker (“A Matter of Time”, the first single revealed in December 2017). 

On this project, ROOTWORDS chose to invite two artists that he had met along his musical and cultural journey : the Chinese freestyle champion J-Fever and the avant-garde Durban South African Robin Thirdfloor, from Umlazi – the fourth largest township in South Africa. 

Recorded and mixed by 
Nicolas Duboux and Stan Breynaert (Kinyama Sounds) 

Mastered by 
Dan Suter (Echochamber) 

Produced by 
Stan Breynaert and Nicolas Duboux (Kinyama Sounds), Julio Mwansa Nkowane (Rootwords) 

With the support from 
Association The Block Productions, Pro Helvetia, FMC, Ville de Meyrin, Ville de Lancy 

Layout and artwork by 
Thomas Perrodin 

Rootwords | Warning Signs

Rootwords | Warning Signs

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