Incoming | Teddy Reiss


South East London native, Teddy Reiss is a rapper and producer with a refreshing approach to his music, focusing on empowering lyricism with a soulful vibe. He developed his style whilst constructing workshops and custom rap songs for corporate events. In 2019 he began his rap career shortly after receiving the ACE Scholarship at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM).

I’m a specialist with putting words in sentences, if you peep the messages you’ll know that I was meant for this...

His music is often described as a fusion of experimental and conscious Rap, naturally combining soulful samples with Hip Hop and Trap components. He presents a variation of styles fuelled by his life experiences, seasoned with a witty, almost lighthearted approach.

Teddy is a soft-spoken. lowkey kind of guy as you will grasp from the interview that Xtof conducted with him.

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