Bishop The Overseer | 'The Johannesburg Files '

The Johannesburg Files

A new album arrives to make history on the global music scene.  

Following an exclusive interview conducted by UbuntuFM's Ikenna Chinedu Okeh with American rapper, Bishop The Overseer, an idea was born, to yield the album, 'The Johannesburg Files'.

The album is a compilation of the recorded interview set against Bishop The Overseer's music, with each track on the album composing of a music track inlaid in a discussion between Ikenna and Bishop The Overseer. There are twelve interview questions, one hit track, and three exclusive releases of Bishop The Overseer. Working on the narration is UbuntuFM's radio host, King Vusi Mavuthela, to add a unique theatrical flavour to the album.

'The Johannesburg Files' is described to be a universal collaboration for a global audience as its contributors are drawn from the United States, Netherlands, South Africa and Nigeria, and the issues discussed therein are of global relevance, touching on musical artistry, the music business, and global politics. It is said to be setting a precedence in the global music industry as it takes musical creativity to a whole new frontier. 

Mixed and mastered by UbuntuFM Music, 'The Johannesburg Files' is available on your favourite music streaming platforms and digital stores, including UbuntuFM Music store: