Alpea | 'Disintegrate'

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Alpea goes into battle with himself and is determined to come out victorious

Disintegrate is a vibrant song, all about taking charge and letting go, routed through fearlessness and making up one's mind to live life fully and be creatively free. Lyrically, Alpea goes into battle with himself and is determined to come out victorious. The song combines elements of hip hop & trap.

ALPEA birth name (Lifa Arosi) is a self-taught musician from Johannesburg South Africa, Age 29. He is a pianist, poet, composer, and producer.

ALPEA is a highly versatile artist who specializes in combing various styles of music such as, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Neo-Soul, World music, and others into one unique art form. He grew up in a musical family with both parents being musicians, and at a tender age was introduced to the piano by his father, which he would later fall in love with.

Throughout his life, he has had a deep appreciation for all styles of music, and has spent most of his teenage and adult life exploring different forms of music. For over 10 years he has played in countless music venues in and outside of South Africa, and has performed with many local artist and bands, and was the opening artist at the very first UNISA Jazz Festival 2018, leading the ALPEA trio. Currently, he runs his own record label called Piostate Productions, which he founded in 2016.

'Disintegrate' was released August 20, 2018


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