A Review of Ric Hassani's 'Thunder Fire You'

Ric Hassani has released a song titled 'Thunder Fire You'. In certain circles, the song's title and theme is being considered offensive hence it has been banned from his country's airwaves. We have reviewed this song to evaluate its musical merits as befitting of any work of art.

A review of Timaya's 'Happy' featuring Machel Montano

Timaya does Afropop with a twist and that is a uniqueness that has come to be taken to be his style. Following the course of his journey through music, one he can draw from his changing environment and ventures further into himself. It is his pattern to have his music bearing the deep imprints of his life experiences whether they be his past or his present experiences, thoughts, challenges, and hopes, and sure in a most entertaining way.

From Nigeria comes a new track to the Hip-Hop music scene

Titled ‘To U’, Timaya lyrically sets the objects of his message towards hallowed heights. It is a song of reminiscence and praise. ‘To U’ brings to mind ‘Kokoroko’, one of Timaya’s earliest musical deliveries, featuring the late Kafee, which turned out to be a musical sensation, apparently for the reason that it comfortably sits astride Afro-Pop and Gospel and strongly bearing a cultural flavor hard to go unnoticed.

‘To U’ brings to mind ‘Kokoroko’, one of Timaya’s earliest musical deliveries

A song of hope

Once again another hit single from Nigeria arrives the scene in celebration of Ogoo’s musical and vocal ingenuity.

An ingenious mix of #HipHop, #RnB and contemporary African #Highlife

‘Happy Married Life’ joins the list of musically engaging tracks for which Ashman is fast gaining an industry reputation.

The track features a rich selection of sound instruments tastefully arranged and varied for an engaging musical experience. It is a testimony of producer Blazeslaan ingenuity in minimizing application of digital sound effects, and in striking a remarkable balance between the vocals and instrumental accompaniment.

Direct and punchy lines delivered with a hint of Jamaican Patois

This single produced by Blazeslaan, featuring Wajo, is expected to treat listeners to a feel of ingenious and contemporary #HipHop of West African roots. An honest song with socially relevant lyrics accompanied by a solid beat.