Hot and Heavy. "Strongulation" strangles the listener into listening to a collection of themes and moods that come straight from the dragon’s mouth, hot and heavy.
A Rap EP rooted In contemporary Nigerian musical culture. Review of Nigerian Cyprus-based rapper Masscut new EP release "P.I.N". In an attempt to summarize "P.I.N" in a nutshell, it will be right to tag it as a rap EP rooted in contemporary Nigerian musical culture, and branches out into every facet of the artist’s current environment.
Inspirational Hip-Hop release. As a musician and a Gospel entertainer, I really and truly believe we need to stand up for what we believe in, Kelley says. We need to come together as a country and stop being divided. I write music just to spread a positive message. I don’t believe in doing music with violence. I have the right music that is good for people to help them understand the positive message I’m bringing. I want to continue to write music and continue to sing positive things in reference to anything that is primarily negative. I want to turn those things into something positive if I can.
Hip-Hop lore. This EP/Mixtape is a fusion of 80’s #RnB and old school Hip Hop! #SFTC brings you back to the good ole block party days! Guest DJ’s coming through the block party and rocking their set and Monique Nikkole is singing and straight-killing it over their set. This is Hip-Hop lore, people! 
Alpea goes into battle with himself and is determined to come out victorious. Disintegrate is a vibrant song, all about taking charge and letting go, routed through fearlessness and making up one's mind to live life fully and be creatively free. Lyrically, Alpea goes into battle with himself and is determined to come out victorious. The song combines elements of hip hop & trap.
A review of Fallaf's 'Tekila'. The intro comes on, atmospheric and quite theatrical, setting the mood and building into the song proper. Rhythmic and boastful of a pace that's both instrumentally catchy and flowing, the song captivates and sweeps along, flooding the attention and keeping it afloat at once. Instrumentally, 'Tekila' scores very high in artistic value, way above average.