Perkostylz releases the single, 'Africa', a song described as being lyrically pan-African and instrumentally Reggae. 'Africa' is available for free download at UbuntuFM Music.

A review of Rootword's new album, 'Warning Signs', released on March 23rd 2018.

A song about love and romance; melodious, excellent vocal quality, lyrically expressive and musically engaging.  

A great love song complemented with a solid beat. The vocal quality is rich, melodious and expressive. It is a display of the artist’s mastery of his craft in choosing words for both their meaning and for their natural rhythmic quality.

Tasteful sound arrangement, perfectly balanced and varied in rhythm to make for a suitable musical accompaniment to the rap vocals. A review of Rootword's 'A Matter Of Time' released to digital stores on 1st December, 2017. 

Feel It (The Remixes) is undoubtedly a notable contribution of Tanille’s best for the listening audience; a fine blend of quality vocals, complementary back-up vocals, and engaging instrumentals, all mostly blended into an offering of dance music. One is understandably sure to be expectant of more