• Tochi | 'Hello'


    Tochi | #RnB | #Nigeria

    A song about love and romance; melodious, excellent vocal quality, lyrically expressive and musically engaging.  

  • Ashman | 'Want'

    Ashman, Want, ubuntufmmusic

    Ashman | #HipHop | #Music | #Ghana

    A great love song complemented with a solid beat. The vocal quality is rich, melodious and expressive. It is a display of the artist’s mastery of his craft in choosing words for both their meaning and for their natural rhythmic quality.

  • Rootwords | 'A Matter Of Time'

    Rootwords, A Matter of Time

    Rootwords | #Rap | #HipHop

    Tasteful sound arrangement, perfectly balanced and varied in rhythm to make for a suitable musical accompaniment to the rap vocals. A review of Rootword's 'A Matter Of Time' released to digital stores on 1st December, 2017. 

  • Tanille | EP: 'Feel It (The Remixes )'

    Tanille, Feel It

    Tanille | #RnB

    Feel It (The Remixes) is undoubtedly a notable contribution of Tanille’s best for the listening audience; a fine blend of quality vocals, complementary back-up vocals, and engaging instrumentals, all mostly blended into an offering of dance music. One is understandably sure to be expectant of more

  • Julian Taylor Band | 'Give Us A Sign'

    julian taylor band

    #Soul | #RnB | Julian Taylor Band

    As far as musical works go, this song can be said to be legendary, and without a risk of immodesty.    

  • Ashman | 'Aka'

    Ashman, Aka

    #HipHop | #Nigeria | Ashman

    The solid beat first hooks the listener and ushers them into a universe resounding with engaging dance rhythm. We love the bass line; rich and complementary to the tasteful selection and arrangement of sound instruments