From Nigeria comes a new track to the Hip-Hop music scene. Titled ‘To U’, Timaya lyrically sets the objects of his message towards hallowed heights. It is a song of reminiscence and praise.
Hip-Hop Satire. A new musical satire arrives on the scene. It's all humorous rap lyrics, social sensitization, and everything that comes in between.
. Once again another hit single from Nigeria arrives the scene in celebration of Ogoo’s musical and vocal ingenuity.
Say No To Rape. Based on the Reggae Sax Riddim this track sends a strong message across the world to condemn the act of rape and violence against women. A collaboration between Reggae Vibes Music based in NY & Kingston JA, alongside the High-Grade Family from Ghana. 
Ring the alarm!. This new album is a concentration of energy and sincerity, a beacon to the illusions and lies perpetrated by man, and it is on the stage that ROOTWORDS intends to proclaim his vision of the world, by spontaneous communication that is alive and rich in vibrations.
An ingenious mix of #HipHop, #RnB and contemporary African #Highlife. ‘Happy Married Life’ joins the list of musically engaging tracks for which Ashman is fast gaining an industry reputation.