Interview with Military Gang B4B

UbuntuFM Hip-Hop | Interview with Military Gang B4B

King Mavuthela interviews SA Hip-Hop talent

Paul Lethamaga (MrKruger aka Mad Max) is the leader of the group and the person I spoke to.
Let’s find out more about him and the crew here at Ubuntu FM Africa………..

King Mavuthela: Paul Lethamaga welcome at Ubuntu FM Africa and thanks for your time!

Paul Lethamaga: Special greetings and respect goes to Ubuntu FM listeners, to you King Mavuthela and the station as a whole.

King Mavuthela: Tell us about yourselves and about Military gang. Where and when was the group formed? Why such a name?

Paul Lethamaga: The Military Gang B4B was formed 2013 by Vusi Phiri who is a founder of the group and his stage name is V-Teck. He is our songwriter, actor, public speaker, presenter, MC and stage performer;
Goodman Mxolisi Mahlangu - whose stage name is Robinho - specialize with mixing beats, writer, presenter, public speaker, actor and producer.

Our music is called Sgegetho Hip-Hop which is our own creation

I am Paul Tseke Lethamaga, my stage name is Kruger aka Madmax. I am a songwriter, public speaker, motivator, actor and crazy stage performer and also a founder of TRT organization (Talent Rescue Team).
We help by giving other local talented people platform to showcase their talents by doing activities such as events, tournaments, modelling and compilations. We gave ourselves Military gang because we are representing our city and intend promoting and put it a world map…….we are music soldier!

KM: Wow, that’s great man!

PL: Yes King, I wanted hard working people who will be prepared to put our city, our province Gauteng and South Africa on a world map (musically) and it is possible.

KM: What kind of music are you and your crew pushing?

PL: Our music is called Sgegetho Hip-Hop which is our own creation. Sgegetho is a casual commercial Hip-Hop.

KM: Looking forward to enjoy Sgegetho man. And how people in your neghbourhood are receiving your newly created sound?

PL: Many people show love to our music so far, since we started we haven’t received any negative any negative feedback. And that really motivates us and gives us hope. We humbly appreciate support given to us.

Ubuntu FM Africa is worldwide

KM: Absolutely a good thing. We received your music at Ubuntu FM Africa and recently your music has been featured on our station and on the Mavuthela Music Rendezvous. How is your feeling and the gang about that?

PL: We were very excited when we hear ourselves on Ubuntu FM Africa. As Ubuntu FM Africa is the second radio station to play our music. What made us very happy is that Ubuntu FM Africa is worldwide so we are sure over million people heard our production and that we exist which is important to us. Thanks to Ubuntu FM Africa again.

Upcoming concerts

KM: Pleasure Paul. What is the Military Gang doing besides making music?

PL: We have three concerts this week; one is on the 17th of February 2017 and two on the 18th of February 2017. All the shows are in Mamelodi, Tshwane Metro or Pretoria area. These shows are our way of giving back to our community. We are not going to get paid for our performance. Giving back to community is a good thing because not everything is about money but for the love of music and people around us. We are nothing without people who are supporting.  As it is the month of love February, we are going to perform our new track titled Valentine yeah…….

The future

KM: Where do you want to see yourself and the gang in few years to come?

PL: In five years time we want to see ourselves trending all over the world and owning our own record label so we can be able to assist other artists to make it or reach another level you will never know

KM: So where can people access or find more information about Military Gang?

PL: We are available on facebook as Military Gang b4b, Youtube as Military Gang B4B SA

KM: It has been awesome talking to you Paul and I wish you and Military Gang all of the best.

PL: We also appreciate talking to you and we would like thank everybody who listens to Ubuntu FM Africa and the station for affording us an opportunity to take our music to another level. We say to Ubuntu FM Africa keep it up for giving local artists a platform. Thanks again till next time. We are out……

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