Soundz Of The South | 'For Power'

Inspirational song in dire times

Soundz of the South (SOS) | 'For Power' | #HipHop #Rap 🇿🇦 | With its accompanying #video, this song tells the harsh impact the coronavirus lockdown has on working-class communities in South Africa.

The coronavirus has rapidly spread across the world, with South Africa joining the top ten countries with the most COVID19 cases. According to Health Minister Zweli Mkhize (on 1st Oct), there are now over 674 339 positive cases, with the total number of deaths standing at 16743. All of this is occurring within the context of a global neoliberal hegemony, where public healthcare has become increasingly privatized.  It is within this context that Soundz of the South (SOS), an anti-capitalist hip-hop collective, is responding with this song, ‘FOR POWER’.

‘FOR POWER’ sheds light on the various impacts of the capitalist crisis: exploitation, neoliberalism, and the effects on access to quality healthcare for working-class people, more especially given the ongoing impact of the COVID19 pandemic. The song responds to South African realities: the state of the plunder of the public purse, government’s role in deepening and entrenching capitalist exploitation as well as police brutality during these days of national lock-down.

The song hopes to inspire the South African working-class to critically engage with this moment and organize themselves to collectively deal with the challenges they face. 

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