July | 'Catalina'

UbuntuFM Hip-Hop | July | 'Catalina'

For this exceptionally talented musician, the sky is the limit

Catalina is the latest release by July, a London-based vocalist, and songwriter. July, who is at the forefront of an R&B renaissance that’s seen the genre renewed and reinvented over the last years. His debut single ‘Mood’, was met with critical acclaim and has laid down the foundations of a solid fanbase.

Born and raised in London, UK, July’s formative years have seen him exposed to a wide range of sounds and cultures that have greatly influenced his songwriting. Over recent years he has experimented with different genres and developed a truly unique sound that combines elements of his eclectic influences: Lionel Richie, P. Diddy, Michael Jackson, Vypz Kartel, Linkin park and 50 Cent.

July is currently working with visionary producer MLB on his debut album, perfecting his bespoke sound with instantly recognizable hooks and slick, contemporary production that places him squarely alongside fellow R&B innovators Jorja Smith, NAO, and Ray BLK.

Having just finished his final year studying International Business (BSc) at Kings College in London, July is eager to bring his knowledge and insight into the many complexities of the music industry and show the world what he has to offer, not just as an artist. For this exceptionally talented musician, the sky is the limit.

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