Strong A.R.M | Strongulation (The Mixtape Vol. 1)

Strong A.R.M | "Strongulation" (The Mixtape Vol. 1) @ Mixcloud

Hot and Heavy

The first thing that comes to the notice of the listener is that the mixtape leans upon self-expression. Its title explains all; it strangles the listener into listening to a collection of themes and moods that come straight from the dragon’s mouth, hot and heavy. The lyrics, the mood and the atmosphere simulated by the instrumental arrangement effortlessly converge towards this purpose. Each track on the mixtape comes with its contribution to the overall variety.

Beginning the mixtape is the track, Made You Look which can be said to serve an introductory purpose and prepares the senses for what is to come. NYC 2 ATL follows next, boasting a solid rhythmic beat. It is a very expressive track. You can feel the energy in the delivery of the rap lyrics. Talking about rap lyrics, it is evident throughout the mixtape that Strong A.R.M is offering to the listener a mix of lyrical content centred around his perception of self and his outlook on the factors that play around his environment.

The sound producer cashes in on Strong A.R.M’s vocal quality in selecting and arranging instrumental accompaniments

I Really Mean stands out unique in the style which it is delivered. You really can’t miss out the essence of the backup vocals that play an interactive role with the lead. It may not be thematically different from all other tracks, but just like in the style played with the backup vocals, the instrumental arrangement very much stands out different, with the predominant drum beats.  It differs in rhythm from Strong A.R.M Freestyle that boasts heavy melodious beat accentuated by the rich lead vocals.

One of the many riches of this mixtape is Strong A.R.M’s vocal quality. It comes rich and weighty and quite lends substance to the heavy instrumental rhythm against which the tracks are performed. To put it plainly, it rings with its own melody; the kind suitable for heavy rap delivery. Evidently, the sound producer cashes in on Strong A.R.M’s vocal quality in selecting and arranging instrumental accompaniments such as complements it and suits the mood for his songs.

Strongulation (The Mixtape Vol.1) is heavy on lyrics. The lyrics are honest in addition to being expressive, and they come so much uncompromising in their conveyance of mood and atmosphere that one may consider them quite raw. It is much so in tracks like T.O.N.Y feat TKNY. One could rightly call it a diss track with a very serious tone, and in sharp contrast to the next track on the list, What Now, which is slower in pace and rhythm. Generally, Strongulation (The Mixtape Vol.1) is worth listening to. It is very much recommended for listeners with a taste for heavy rap music laid bare and served unfiltered.

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