"I'm The President"

Hip-Hop Satire

From the island of North Cyprus comes the release of the music single, ‘I’m The President’. The single is a most hilarious offering of musical satire which could be said to be aimed at much more than entertainment. 

In the light of the unsatisfactory state of current affairs in their home country, Nigeria, Mascutt and Flamez feature Mayoyo Love in composing this song; evidently to bring matters to light, and with a rich sense of humor, even applying mimicry, without doubt, for the purpose of driving home the points as embedded in their rap lyrics.

Musical satire is nothing new on the Nigerian scene. However, the release of ‘I’m President’ comes while Falz’s ‘This Is Nigeria’ is yet to subside in its sweeping effect across the music audience – both local and in the Diaspora.   

‘I’m President’ is a track from the forthcoming mixtape, ‘Detonation’, scheduled for release later in the year. ‘I’m President’ is soon to get to online music stores and streaming platforms, and is given airplay on UbuntuFM Hip-Hop Radio. 


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