Rootwords | 'A Matter Of Time'

A review of Rootword's 'A Matter Of Time'

Firstly, the solid beat pulls the listener in. But this is not a song to listen to on the fly. One is to settle down and summon his faculties to draw from the song’s full depths.

The honest lyrics are as original as they are expressive. They tell of the outward struggles that ensnare the path of one talented and discriminated against in a populist society where appearances are given the most precedence. In a show of poetic prowess, the artist chooses words for their natural rhythmic quality as well as for their suitability in conveying the intended meaning. And their effortless delivery bears testimony to his mastery of the art.

The honest lyrics are as original as they are expressive...

The tasteful sound arrangement, perfectly balanced and varied in rhythm to make for a suitable musical accompaniment to the rap vocals. Memorable chorus, melodious and consistent in vocal quality. I would place this song somewhere between Kendrick Lamar’s rap delivery and Eminem’s brand of chorus. But I would rather not. This song is neither like any but unique in its own right.