The Disciple - Accident of Birth

The Disciple - Accident of Birth

A most relevant release

Switzerland is not known to be a Hip-Hop hotspot, but if The Disciple's new release "Accident of Birth" holds any baring, it might well be on its way to become one. AOB is an album that demands attention for its music production and more over for its lyrical content and delivery. 

New, exciting and relevant creative arts are more often than not crafted from a hybrid cauldron. AOB is as such. Who could have guessed that a white dude from the land of chocolate and cheese would deliver such profound viewpoints on Afrocentrism, world history and the global society in a multi-polar world. Hats off, my man!

The music that accompanies the heavy hitting lyrics sounds like it came straight from a Brooklyn basement. Maybe it did - it's the age of the internet after all. Nevertheless, music and message gel very well together. They harken back to the days when Hip-Hop was rough and tough, sweet and sincere - and relevant. 

Relevant, oh yes, relevant for us to play and write about. Relevant for you to listen and learn. How it used to be, how it should be and hopefully how it will remain to be for the foreseeable future. Big Up!

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