Emanuel Harrold | "Look Forward"

Emanuel Harrold | "Look Forward"

Looking back

"Look Forward" was released in 2017, and only recently caught our attention. The EP features 7 very strong tracks, both in terms of lyrics as musically, with an intricate mix of HipHop, Jazz and RnB/Soul.  

"Look Forward" came to us as a download provided by playMPE without no other information than the song credits and one lyrics text. Whereas we would deem this to be a lack of effort, laziness, on the part of the artist, or publisher, this case seemed to be different. Deliberate. 

The music, the lyrics, demanded further listening and review, but we had little to nothing to work with. That's why we leave you with the one piece of that we have, the lyrics of the closing track "True Need" featuring Stimulus:

"True Need"

My Skin Black like the Sky
My skin black like the sky when the sun don’t come up, I’m bold when i rhyme like I’m stuck up - Hold my breath, Say your prayers, is God really there?, I don’t no, Shut the fuck up! I can’t loose focus, you talk to much stuff...

Road to The riches don’t walk you can run up. Drive there one up, Uber there roll up. Modern day answers to a life that you no once, twice, three times - wait hold up, I’ve been here years ain’t scared not of no one.

Back to life back to life, soul to soul I came back to life. Two times, like Jordan not Jesus, the Bible’s says that the score will get even. Weed smoke blowing and a tv show re-run. Bad coke snorting and it’s really no reason !

All I need is truth, the truth is all I need, so could you please be truth, and show your soul to me. Drugs & drugs, drugs & drugs. It’s all the brain wants when it finds no love. I’ve been looking for it, live and die trying to find it. I’ve been looking for it, no google can’t find it.

Can you show me what it’s is? Hold the cards at what’s a deal? It’s the real it’s the real -in God we trust baby , fuck a dollar bill! Nah!, money ain’t a thing, nah nah!, the marriage isn’t just a ring, nah nah!, the country isn’t just a king, nah nah!.

This life is more than what we see, watch watch! Just watch real closely, just watch real closely Just, Open your eyes. Keep on sleeping don’t take me serious I’m growing like a cancer, I’m all over your area, but making not a dancer, I been taking it serious, before I got the cancer, like sickness, it stole a period time, golden chances, keep counting my blessings.

I’ll never run out of fingers, I’m looking for double digits, I’m down with pulling triggers, but pray to God to deliver, but I’m only getting bills, so i fire boxed my mail box! I’m always looking for it moving to fast, some brothers cooking for it, all they want is cash

The good book is on the first will be the last. I got the hook up for it, real hash tag, it’s the real, it’s the real, in God we trust baby! Fuck a dollar bill, it’s the real, it’s the real, it’s the real, the true fill. Trying to learn my lesson it’s so hard...

My God, please help me, cause I’m stressing. smoking long to stay come. Put my money where my mouth is, this cash ain’t food. I swallow pride & bite my tongue just to keep things cool. Middle finger to the mirror, closed fist to my crew. Me & my people going get it not to let nothing to lose...

I want the whole world at my funeral. The whole wide world. W-w-w whole wide world. Www dot. End of story. Women, bitches, hoes & thots no my glory. I’m basic, ape shit, holding my rocks when I’m talking. Human & male a nigga, I’m not , no my story It’s the real, it’s the real, It’s the real. The true fill, yeah!, the true fill , fill it!, it’s so real!

All I need is truth, the truth is all I need, So could you please be truth, the truth is all I need, So could you please be truth, the truth is all I need, So could you please be truth, the truth is all I need, So could you please be truth, Show your Soul to me.

Music, arrangement, remix By Emanuel Harrold
Lyric by Stimulus Jen Dale (vocals)
Keyon Harrold (trumpet)

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