Tombajazz | The Senate (Foley)

Tombajazz | The Senate

Heavy beats and lyrics

The composer and producer Tomba is back with his new funk-jazz project Tombajazz. Bassist Tomba has selected well-known musicians from the Munich jazz scene. With his idiosyncratic rap, Kokayi not only makes a political statement but also openly addresses the problem, so that the debate about Black Lives Matter does not remain ineffective.

We must clearly identify racism in order to change something politically.

As an autodidact, he learned to play the electric bass very late at the age of 18. This was followed by a short study at the St. Gallen Jazz School and the Berlin Jazz School, whereupon he played a lot live. After his training as a sound engineer, Tomba also works as a composer and producer, so it is an honor for him to play with such outstanding musicians.

I think it is important as a musician to take up global issues, because we also have the opportunity to pack this important content into song lyrics via music. In the age of social media, I miss this especially because everyone is only concerned with themselves. Clicks and likes cannot be the focus and content of social events.

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