Maikal X | 'Push Along'

Submitted by Ikenna Okeh on Fri, 06/01/2018 - 09:31
Maikal X

From the stables of Walboomers Music comes the release of Maikal X’s ‘Push Along’.

Described as a creative accomplishment brought about by a combination of Maikal X's earlier musical influences, ‘Push Along’ comes to the listener as an informed offering of music rooted in HipHop, yet reaching out in an embrace across multiple genres.

‘Push Along’ is a song lyrically directed at the listener. It is a song of motivation spiced up with a rich instrumental accompaniment and effortlessly delivered in such a manner that is nothing short of lyrical gymnastics. 

Owing to his long and influential standing on the music scene, Maikal X’s artistic presence holds a high place within musical circles in Holland, Belgium and Dutch Caribbean.

Starting from June 1st, ‘Push Along’ gets distributed to online music stores including Spotify and iTunes, and heavily promoted on UbuntuFM HipHop Radio.