Onirose | Young Musician from the Caribbean

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Onirose | I Got It

Onirose​ a young musician from the Caribbean has released her album titled ‘I Got It’ which is making waves around the world.
She had an interview with UbuntuFM's King Mavuthela. 

King Mavuthela: Hello and happy to talk to you here at Ubuntu FM 
Onirose: Hey! I’m truly delighted, thank you!

You can learn more about Onirose on her website onirose.com

King Mavuthela: Tell our listeners and your fans about Onirose. Who is Onirose? Your background…….
Onirose: Would you believe that I suck at the gift of description. Really, it’s like I’m met with a brick wall when trying to articulate my thoughts as I’m asked to describe myself, but here it goes! Lol.  I am a singer songwriter of multiple genres. I have grown up amongst a bunch of folks who swore they were all musically inclined (btw none has ever stood on a stage nor played an instrument. Nope, none! :p) thus my love for music is truly profound. Music I had always wanted to do and I had dreamt oftentimes of performing on stage as a kid growing up in sunny Guyana. You can learn more about me on my website onirose.com

KM: I found out that you have Guyana, Surinam, German and Jamaican connections. You are a true citizen of the world…..And you are currently based in Jamaica. 
Onirose: Actually, I am currently based in Barbados. Hehe.  World citizen indeed, but that’s another conversation to be had over coffee and cake! ;) 

KM: We do not know much about Guyana and Suriname and their music. Paint us a picture of music and your influence...
Onirose: The two countries are neighbouring countries on the North Atlantic/Eastern  coast of South American. Suriname, Dutch speaking and Guyana, English speaking; also considered a Caribbean region.  I can only hope that that brief lesson in geography is enough to camouflage my utter shame as I’m about to reveal that I know almost nothing about the music that’s produced there. I do know of the music that’s celebrated  there and I can assure you that it is indeed a diverse genre that they rock to.  I am especially grateful  that my music is being received there. 

I get to make someone else happy!

King Mavuthela: How did you get into music?
Onirose: I was at an all time low in my life after having lost my mom and woke up one day remembering the one thing that had brought me the most joy and the only thing that ever did help in my healing; I decided to finally do it. I asked to be recommended a good studio and I went for it! Of course the journey has not been the smoothest but life itself isn’t smooth and I decided that it is worth the ride. And, I get to make someone else happy!

KM: What kind of music are you into? How do you define your music?
Onirose: I’m into far too many genres to mention. But I gravitate most to Reggae, Pop, Dancehall, Soca, R&B. 

KM: So far how many albums you have released?
Onirose: I have not yet released an album. It is in the works though. 

KM: Mhmmmm can’t wait…. How are your fans and people around the world receiving you?
Onirose: We are growing. I am everyday grateful for to them for being even the least bit interested in my music/self. Our music continues to be received around the world and we celebrate the fact that there’s much more growth and success to be had. Also, thanks to you and the Ubuntu FM family for being the latest to have given us a spin!!! ;)

I am currently preparing for a European tour

KM: Pleasure to hear that. Tell us about your public performances. Is there any concert or festival that you have played at?
Onirose: I’ve just been booked for my first festival in summer. Yeeeees! I have performed at concerts and I am currently preparing for a European tour in about 6 weeks from now. The joy that is felt when on stage is almost indescribable. A violent rush the minute before you’re on and then suddenly everyone’s eyes are on you and you’re being counted on to deliver. It is the same as riding a wave, everything else must be forgotten in that moment except for the (rehearsed) performance. I wholeheartedly love it! 

KM: Tell us about the team you are working with in your album? How are things going?
Onirose: I am currently working with three producers respectively, all based in Europe. Things are getting on great. These might be my best work to date. You know, one must always work towards bettering the craft.

KM: Indeed that’s how things should be. Your single “I got it” is receiving an airplay on Ubuntu FM radios which I hope it augers well with you. Tell us about this song. 
Onirose: Only one?! Hehe. No, I’m truly glad…. The seed has been sown. “I Got It” is a favourite of mine. It is easy to sing along to and has a smooth vibe/beat. Singing it gives me an added boost of confidence yet not in a conceited way. I hope it does the same for my female listeners and evoke a “thing” of some sort among the male listeners.  The producer of the beat and myself co-wrote the lyrics. 

KM: Before we wrap up our interview. I am interested to know about your name ‘Onirose’. Tell us about it……
Onirose: Oni- being the first three initials of my first name.  Ro-  the first two of my family name and my love for roses.  

KM: Interesting and sounds cool. Thank you so much Onirose for your time. At Ubuntu FM radio we wish all of the best in your career.
Onirose: Thank you ever so much for the opportunity, It won’t at all be forgotten.

To everyone who stayed tuned in to the end.
Thank you for your interest and I send you my love. Xx