• Ashman | 'Want'

    Ashman, Want, ubuntufmmusic

    Ashman | #HipHop | #Music | #Ghana

    A great love song complemented with a solid beat. The vocal quality is rich, melodious and expressive. It is a display of the artist’s mastery of his craft in choosing words for both their meaning and for their natural rhythmic quality.

  • Music Videos: Art Forms or Insanity?

    Music Videos: Art Forms or Insanity?

    #Music | #Video | #Art

    Everyone likes videos - nearly everyone. Heightened anticipation often greets the hint that the much-awaited video of some hip-hop single has dropped. This is the case with me. It has been this way from all the way back when P-Square, D'banj, Olu Maintain, Tuface Idibia, VIP and Faze held sway on