• Damian Marley | Hip-Hop gems

    UbuntuFM | Damian Marley | Hip-Hop gems

    #HipHop | #Reggae | #RnB | #DanceHall | Damian Marley

    Damian Marley is the most versatile and prolific of the Marley family. He bridged the gap between conscious Reggae and Hip-Hop/R&B.

  • Monique Nikkole | "Straight From The Crates"


    #HipHop | #RnB

    This EP/Mixtape is a fusion of 80’s #RnB and old school Hip Hop! #SFTC brings you back to the good ole block party days! Guest DJ’s coming through the block party and rocking their set and Monique Nikkole is singing and straight killing it over their set.

  • Ogoo | 'I'll Be There'

    Ogoo 'I'll Be There'

    #RnB | Ogoo

    Once again another hit single from Nigeria arrives the scene in celebration of Ogoo’s musical and vocal ingenuity.

  • Maikal X | 'Push Along'

    Maikal X

    #RnB | #HipHop

    From the stables of Walboomers Music comes the release of Maikal X’s ‘Push Along’.

  • Yerry Rellum | 'I Feel Love'

    Yerry Rellum, "I Feel Love'

    #RnB | #Soul | Yerry Rellum

    Everybody knows Yerry Rellum from The Voice Of Holland, Season 7. He released the single, 'I Feel Love', in February 2018 to wide acceptance. 'I Feel Love' was co-written with Duane Stephenson and produced by Wouter Hardy.

  • Interview with Ogoo

    Ogoo | "Onye Isi Oma (The Lucky One)" | "You Are Mine"

    Ogoo | #Nigeria | #RnB | #MeToo

    UbuntuFM gets in touch with Ogoo following the release of her latest single, ‘Onye Isi Oma (The Lucky One)’ and ‘You Are Mine’. In this exclusive interview with UbuntuFM’s Ikenna Okeh, Ogoo talks about being a music artist in modern Nigeria, her career, #MeToo and the effect of digiti