Catalina is the latest release by July, a London-based vocalist, and songwriter. July, who is at the forefront of an R&B renaissance that’s seen the genre renewed and reinvented over the last years. His debut single ‘Mood’, was met with critical acclaim and has laid down the foundations of a solid

Review of Nigerian Cyprus-based rapper Masscut new EP release "P.I.N". A Rap EP rooted In contemporary Nigerian musical culture.

Rap battle mix from '8 Mile' - the movie that loosely tells the Eminem story.

“As a musician and a Gospel entertainer, I really and truly believe we need to stand up for what we believe in,” Kelley says. “We need to come together as a country and stop being divided."

This EP/Mixtape is a fusion of 80’s #RnB and old school Hip Hop! #SFTC brings you back to the good ole block party days! Guest DJ’s coming through the block party and rocking their set and Monique Nikkole is singing and straight killing it over their set. This is Hip-Hop lore, people!