Jesi - Therapy at 43

Jesi - 'Therapy at 43'

A Review of Jesi's 'Therapy at 43'

In the rap industry, it is quite not uncommon to find rap artists who at least at some stage in the course of their career, pick up the microphone, so to say, to spill their minds on issues that go beyond the borders of entertainment. 

Quite a good number have set out on this path from the very onset, creating a legacy for conscious music. They often take on social issues, or they become philosophical on their perspectives on abstract issues, or they simply express aspects of their lives in ways that turn out to have psychological undertones. ‘Therapy at 43’ sits comfortably in this category.

‘Therapy at 43’ begins with a prelude that sets the pace for a philosophical treat. Layered in other aspects beyond melody, the listener is invited to a possibility of multiple points of view in deciphering the lyrics. And yes, there are various depths to the lyrics. Deciphering them is a trip along a terrain that is not exactly flat. One rap artist comes to mind when attempting to draw a parallel – the Swiss-Zambian artist, RootWords.

‘Therapy at 43’ ... sets the pace for a philosophical treat

The lyrical delivery has a feel to it. Or rather, it evokes a feeling – one that speaks of calculated calm reminiscent of still waters with powerful undercurrents. It is melodious. It is powerful. It is telling. And dynamic. 

Talking about the dynamics of ‘Therapy at 43’! It is quite creative – not exactly a new style, but worth noting. The chorus is catchy and as well vocally layered, quite naturally delivering on the desired effects. Dynamics is the very opposite of monotony – in concept as well as in effect. ‘Therapy at 43’ has been enriched, even in instrumental selection and arrangement, in such a way that speaks of informed and tasteful production.  

This is a musical offering that finds a place in the annals of conscious rap music. It is genuine, authentic and quite distinct. Jesi has whetted the appetite with this one. 

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