RIQ Electro | 'Last Time' & 'Travel the World'

Submitted by UbuntuFM on Wed, 03/28/2018 - 15:33
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Robinoh B3atz has been creating music in his neighbourhood since 2009 as a producer/rapper doing hip-hop music. He was a big fan of electro music since 2007 but he thought it was difficult to produce it until he tried it in 2015 and it worked. He then started to look for a female vocalist to work with in 2016 ,that’s when he met Ice-Queen.

Ice-Queen has been doing hip-hop and Rnb with her brother since 2015. She left those genres and started doing electro music in 2016 when she met Robinoh B3atz. They both decide to do electro music because they wanted to be unique and come up with something fresh due to the fact that every artist in their neighbourhood was doing either Hip-Hop , R&b or House music. Their passion for electro music is the drive behind the creation of the duo.

RIQ electro - the name says it all -  Robinoh and Ice-Queen united in electro music.