Tochi | 'Hello'


A song about love and romance; melodious, excellent vocal quality, lyrically expressive and musically engaging.


The music has an atmospheric feel to it. A listener easily gets hooked by the melodious tonal quality of the lead vocal. And even when taken onto higher pitches, its consistency is still retained. Rich selection of sound equipment tastefully arranged and varied to make for an interesting listening experience whilst maintaining a seamless transition in rhythmic flow. One is sure not to miss out the complementary drumbeat with the solid bass, and the mellow keyboard tone. Soft and enriching female backup vocals. Lyrically, the song offers not as much as its strongest points being the vocal quality and dynamics, and the instrumental accompaniment.

This offering of music boasts a power of imagery. Memorable chorus and engaging rhythm. A song about love and romance, it will make for a suitable love-themed movie soundtrack.