Julian Taylor Band | 'Give Us A Sign'

Submitted by Ikenna Okeh on Thu, 12/07/2017 - 23:02
julian taylor band

As far as musical works go, this song can be said to be legendary, and without a risk of immodesty.    

If there are songs reminiscent of Kenny Rogers’, this is one; only different in its contemporaneity. Amongst its beauties is its honest and deep narrative lyrical content; they transport the listeners’ mind along thoughtful lanes.

The backup vocals are richly complementary, the chorus is catchy, and the rhythm is measured to engage a relaxed musical palate. Instrumentally, the song stands way above average; the fine selection of few musical instruments is aesthetically arranged and varied to suit an informed taste.

The vocal quality of the song is consistent and resonates with a natural melody. There is a fine balance maintained between the vocals and instrumental accompaniment, and when they are varied, it is to make for an engaging listening experience.